Human Paladin


Chain mail, shield with holy emblem, long sword, 5 javelins, Armor Class 18, Hit Point Max 14


Helbrecht Ahriman Landsman (HAL to his friends) is the third son of Landsman House of Baydore. The Landsman’s were one of the founding families of this thriving trade center situated on the natural deep water harbor of Whale Pod Bay. The first son of each generation inherits the family trading business, the second son occupies the family’s seat on Council of Lords, as the third son Helbrecht is duty bound to take up the Black Sword of the family patriarch Sigmund and pledge himself to the Holy Order of Paladins. Legend holds Sigmund was gifted the Black Sword by a mystic hermit high in the Black Granite Mountains that surround the bay at the foot of a flawlessly polished slab of ancient stone in recognition of his service as a protector of the land and its people. The Landsman equip their Paladins with the finest gear and access to fast clipper ships from the family’s trading fleet, such as the Odyssey.


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