from the journal of Duncan Loreweaver:

Cadmus was a Human Paladin (known as Mikkel AĆ¼sten, of Kelanen’s Order of the Star) who lived more than 100 years ago in the Fairhaven region of Aquaria. He had sought to eradicate the land of an evil blight brought on by the presence of Orcus and his followers but was instead corrupted to evil through the necromantic arts taught to him by a dark haired witch named Khashana, herself a follower of Nerull, the God of Death.

Prior to meeting Khashana, he sought knowledge from the respected and powerful human wizard, Moonstone. Moonstone took Cadmus under his wing as an apprentice and taught him thoroughly in the arcane arts. Cadmus learned quickly, but became dissatisfied with what he perceived to be restrictions laid upon him by his new Master. It was at this time that he fell under the influence of Khashana, who taught Cadmus in secret.

(According to Duncan Loreweaver’s journal, Moonstone is the brother of Cadmus)

Moonstone began to suspect Cadmus’ hidden practices with the undead and urged him to relinquish this abuse of power, but Cadmus was too far gone and drunk with this new secret magical knowledge to heed Moonstone’s concerns. Cadmus and Khashana planned to overtake Orcus and seat themselves as the new rulers of the Abyss.

Seeing potential for greater magical advancement, Cadmus secretly allied himself with Orcus, who granted him power in return for his fealty and also gifted him with a powerful sword forged in the Abyss, by outing Khashana’s plot to destroy him. Playing both sides, Cadmus grew more powerful than any chieftain in the region and rose to become King of Fairhaven, taking residency in the castle that now bears his name. Moonstone remained the arcane consort to Cadmus in his court but became increasingly marginalized by the Sorcerer King’s Abyssal pursuits. Khashana feared she was losing her grip of Cadmus, just as Moonstone had, and plotted to destroy him before it was too late. She was oblivious to Cadmus’ bargain with Orcus but suspected something was amiss.

Constructing miles upon miles of labyrinthine tunnels below the castle in search of a portal to the Abyss, he eventually discovered a hidden underground elven city, long thought to be lost. Believing this to be his divinely granted inheritance, Cadmus seized control of the elven structure and claimed it as an extension of his own warped hand dug tunnels, which when joined together, form the basis of the Fairhaven dungeon complex.

After several years of torturing his enemies (and even innocent civilians caught in his wake), a contingent of elven magic users joined together with Men, Dwarves and Halflings to take control back from Cadmus but it was too late. Cadmus had grown too powerful and the noble effort was utterly crushed. Several of the surviving party members were taken before the public and executed in disturbing fashion. Many were spared a brutal public death and instead were forced to suffer slowly, serving Cadmus deep within his dungeon. Cadmus took cruel pleasure in humiliating his enemies in painful and disturbing ways.

Finally cast out of the King’s Court by Cadmus himself, Moonstone sent out a clarion call to the four corners of Oerth for powerful spellcasters to join him in destroying the wicked Sorcerer King. Answering the call were three magic users from Oerik: the Olvensteward of Sunndi Dromdaniel, Knight of the Watch Duncan Loreweaver and a mad but extremely powerful demigod named Zagyg. Zagyg fashioned an amulet using elven magic which would pool the magics of all four spellcasters, permanently banishing Cadmus to a demiplane hidden away within the green moon chamber housed within the Fairhaven dungeon.

Cadmus had become very powerful by this time and was able to successfully thwart Moonstone’s plot, driving away Zagyg and Dromdaniel. Moonstone disappeared and was never heard from again. Duncan Loreweaver remained and joined together with the Wood Elves of Lothioren heading up another siege but was defeated by Cadmus’ army and taken prisoner. Duncan was forced to chronicle the ritual torture and murder perpetrated by Cadmus in the Fairhaven Book of Martyrs, housed within the library of the Fairhaven dungeon, where he eventually died. Unknown forces returned Duncan to life as a Revenant, refusing to return to the grave until Cadmus is banished.

After this, a (very rare) large blue and white dragon entered the dungeon from within the many caverns connecting to the Underdark which battled for several hours against Cadmus. Cadmus struggled but was able to push the dragon back to a sacrificial altar where he slayed the beast in a ritual, successfully cracking open the Abyssal portal further but only for a short time. As the blue and white dragon was slain, it’s flesh and organs dissipated into a shower of beams of light which re-sealed the portal. Aside from the skeletal remains, all that is left of the dragon is it’s heart, which turned into a lump of pure adamantite and became embedded in the ground near the altar.

Growing brazen from the rush of power, Cadmus turned against both Khashana and Orcus, believing he didn’t require further support from either. He saw Khashana as a potential rival and poisoned her in her sleep while at the same time forsaking Orcus and instead declaring war on him. Orcus grew furious and withdrew all his power from Cadmus and his armies. This lead to a second uprising from the people, using elven magic from the Wood Elves of the Lothiorien Forest, to lock Cadmus within his dungeon as a tomb.

Knowing that Cadmus was a Master of necromancy, the Wood Elves of Lothioren deliberately hid away Cadmus’ spellbook. The spellbook served as his phylacterie, and staying within relative proximity to it would keep him physically alive for an extended period of time in order to torture him for as long as possible. As a lich, Cadmus could not be killed, and considering all of the innocent lives he ruined and tortured, it was determined that this was the best course of action.

Having no souls left to consume, Cadmus’ could no longer sustain his Lich form and weakened to the point he was reduced to Demi-Lich status (a step below Lich). Losing a corporeal form, he also lost his Abyssal sword as he wandered through the dungeon, which itself began to lose power.

Almost 100 years later, in the Common Year 591, a group of Orcus cultists were able to crack open the magical seal securing the dungeon. They ventured deep within the caverns and corridors to re-open the Abyssal portal and create a highway of demons to give better access to Orcus. As a consequence of opening the magical dungeon seal, Cadmus was able to Astrally project a human form (whom he called Anwir) to the perimeter of the opening, sending out a message for adventurers to enter the dungeon and seek a long, lost grimoire said to belong to a famous human wizard named Moonstone.

The magical seal cracking open also created opportunities for new mortals to enter for Cadmus to hunger upon, allowing him to grow in power once more.

It is there that we first meet Adaka, Erroll, Gunner Rex, Njall Stormbreaker and Ostran, who spent several weeks searching for… and eventually finding… this lost grimoire in the dungeon below Fairhaven.

Cadmus’ primary goals are to usurp Orcus once and for all and open permanent Abyssal gates all over Oerth. If the floodgates are opened between the two Planes, Oerth will become as Abyssal planet, and Cadmus—- if he succeeds in replacing Orcus—- will become the unopposed Ruler of all of the Oerth.


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