Lord of the Green Dragons (Kaelian Borz)

Mysterious Greyhawk Legend, Human


According to Niinake Nidrome (that is, Mordenkainen):

It is rumored that green dragons obey the commands of The Lord of the Green Dragons.

Updated 10/6/16:

A Green Hag deep within the caves below the Bolwhurgirn mountain peak provided this vision to Nienna Séregon:

A large open field stretches out for miles. A fortress stands in the distance. An army marches on the fortress from the Free City of Greyhawk, led by a wizard named Tenser. Three green dragons exit the stronghold in advance of the siege, and fly in unison to the south, toward the Bright Desert, to join their master.

Updated 10/27/16:

Quij, a former hireling, claims the name is hyperbolic and means only that he is the “Lord” of the Green Dragon Inn in the Free City of Greyhawk.

It is possible he commanded a 500 man army.

Updated 11/2/16:

According to Kalstrand sage Galwyrden, the proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn was named “Ricard” when he visited Greyhawk several years ago. Following this revelation, Quij still refuses to say the name, but agrees to refer to him as “R”.

Updated 11/5/16:

According to Quij, Robilar had obtained an orb of clerics during his travels. The last Quij heard of his whereabouts prior to his open call for his army to join him in the Bright Desert, he was headed across the Solnor Sea to return the orb to a temple of Zuggmtoy somewhere in Aquaria. (It was later clarified that Robilar traveled to Aquaria seeking a crown of evil which was most likely located with Cadmus in the Fairhaven dungeon.)

Updated 11/16/16:

According to Quij, The Lord of the Green Dragons was most definitely present at the siege on Greyhawk, which included Rary and the Army of the Green Dragons.

Updated 2/22/17:

Ricard Damaris, proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn in Greyhawk, answers to the title The Lord of the Green Dragons.

Updated 5/24/17:

Tenser does not know if Mordenkainen intends for the Party to merely locate the Lord of the Green Dragons or to destroy him.

Updated 7/12/17

According to the vizier card from the deck of many things, the name of the true king of Aerdy and the heir to Nasran is Kaelian Borz. Thia recognized that Kaelian can be translated roughly from elvish as “Lord of the Green Dragons”: ka = dragon, el = green, -ian = lord.

Lord of the Green Dragons (Kaelian Borz)

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