Myrmidon, the Spell Archer

Henchman of Terik; Human Fighter


Myrmidon is a former henchman of Robilar’s brother, Terik. Currently, he works for Turin’s Servant Agency, a business which offers trained and obedient servants for the city’s wealthier clients (The agency was founded by Terik before it was sold to Turin Deathstalker in 578 CY.). Butlers, maids, cooks, laborers, gardeners, valets, and most other kinds of servants can be had on a temporary or permanent basis.

Myrmidon watched as Terik singlehandedly killed a Balrog (ie, a Balor Demon) on Level 4 of the Castle Greyhawk dungeon many years ago.

Myrmidon, the Spell Archer

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