Dark Prince of Undeath, the Blood Lord


from the journal of Duncan Loreweaver:

Prior to 469 CY, King Cadmus the Necromancer summoned the Demon Prince Orcus to pledge fealty to him. In 479 CY, Cadmus revealed a plot hatched by his raven haired lover and mentor, the dark witch Khashana. Khashana had recruited Cadmus with the promise that they together could unseat Orcus as ruler of the underworld. Orcus was pleased at this revelation and granted power to Cadmus if he would continue to serve him, but it was a deception. Cadmus’ intentions were to gain the trust of Orcus by offering up Khashana to him before turning on the Demon Prince and taking his throne for himself.

After several years of gaining in arcane power, Cadmus grew drunk with ambition and felt invincible, felling all foes with dark magic and the might of a powerful sword gifted him by Orcus. Once Cadmus raised his fist to Orcus, the Demon Prince withdrew favor from Cadmus and helped lead to his fall.

Orcus lies in wait for Cadmus to return so he can bring pain as he’s never felt in life or in death.

from Out of the Abyss, page 244.

Orcus takes some pleasure in the sufferings of the living, but far prefers the company and service of the undead. His desire is to see all life quenched and the multiverse transformed into a vast necropolis populated solely by undead creatures under his command.

Orcus rewards those who spread death in his name by granting a small portion of his power. The least of these become ghouls and zombies who serve in his legions, while favored servants are the cultists and necromancers who murder the living and then manipulate the dead, emulating their dread master.

Orcus is a bestial creature of corruption with a diseased, decaying look. He has the lower torso of a goat, and a humanoid upper body with a corpulent belly swollen with rot. Great bat wings sprout from his shoulders, and his head is like the skull of a goat, the flesh nearly rotted from it. In one hand, he wields the legendary Wand of Orcus.

Orcus makes his lair in the fortress city of Naratyr, which is on Thanatos, the layer of the Abyss that he rules. Surrounded by a moat fed by the River Styx, Naratyr is an eerily quiet and cold city, its streets often empty for hours at a time. The central castle of bone has interior walls of flesh and carpets made of woven hair. The city contains wandering undead, many of which are engaged in continuous battles with one another.


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