Human Paladin, Nobleman of Castle Hobrand


Asrael is a paladin and heir to Castle Hobrand along the major trade route through the Hestmark Highlands that heads into Sunndi from Dullstrand port: the Highland Pass.

Asrael is arrogant and lazy, and has not taken seriously his oaths nor his training. It is evident he has likely bought his way into a paladin order.

His father, Dineen, has dispatched Asrael and the head of his Castle guard, Kevin, to deal with a monstrous threat from the nearby caverns in the foothills. Asrael and Kevin are unable to adeuately address the threat, which turns out to be a carrion crawler.

The Party consisting of Adaka, Erroll, Ferdir, Gunner, HAL and Ostran eliminates the threat and is rewarded handsomely, despite a terse negotiation.


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