Elemental Evil Spy (Male Human)


Dennek was captured while trying to gather intelligence on the Righteous Host. He now languishes in chains as Prince Thrommel’s prisoner. After a recent interrogation by Serten, Dennek sold out his evil masters, offering vital intelligence in exchange for the cleric’s promise not to execute him. The information provided by Dennek under duress has given the Righteous Host a fighting chance against the forces of Elemental Evil. In fact, Dennek’s intelligence is what prompts Thrommel to hire adventurers to undertake special missions that could turn the tide of battle in the Righteous Host’s favor.

Small, scruffy, and snaggletoothed, Dennek wears filthy clothing stained by his own blood. As long as he remains a prisoner of the Righteous Host, he sports shackles and chains.

Dennek suspects that other spies have infiltrated the Righteous Host, and he fears that he might become the target of an assassination plot if word of his betrayal becomes known. Consequently, he’s unable to sleep and appears jittery when questioned.


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