Derider Fanshen

Greyhawk City Constable


Plans to retire in 591 CY and work as a legal defender; very active physically but clumsy and awkward; personable, wise, and warm, greatly loved and trusted by many; defends rights of the poor in Greyhawk and is concerned about homeless children in the Old City; dose friend of High Matriarch Sarana of the Temple of Pelor and Jallarzi Sallavarian of the Circle of Eight; unmarried but has a small circle of male “romantic friends.”

Etin Derecs, the current Warden of the Citadel, was nominated to replace Derider, however, the Directors received a delegation from Nyrond and hatched a plan to place Count Blackmar Huldane of Mowbrenn on the council temporarily. Etin may serve as an adviser to Huldane.

Derider Fanshen

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