Eridok Golbedor


Eridok Golbedor has seen a lot of action in his previous occupation as an adventurer, and is nearly legendary among members of the City Watch and those who frequent the Mercenaries’ Guildhall. He has contacts that reach all through the Watch and the Guild, right up to the top. A word from Eridok would open any door in those institutions, although he provides that sort of help only rarely as he believes that up-and-coming adventurers should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Among the standard equipment Eridok sells, he does from time to time have specialty equipment. Mastercraft items are commonly available, as well as other particularly finely crafted items such as elven or dwarven-forged gear. Rarely magical items such as +1 weapons or armor can also be seen behind a special counter.

Eridok has a scar on his right cheek, is missing two fingers from his left hand, and walks with a very slight limp. He enjoys working, although his many years of adventuring made him extremely wealthy. If trouble arises in his shop, he can wield almost any weapon at hand without penalty, and his personal gear is never very far. Over the many years he has acquired a significant amount of personal magical equipment, however his most prized possession is a vorpal longsword he calls “Sunder”.


Eridok Golbedor

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