Girt Stonebones

Lortmil Mountains Representative (Male Dwarf)


Girt Stonebones represents the dwarves of the Lortmil Mountains on Thrommel’s war council and leads his people in battle. Loud, brash, and supremely confident in his and his soldiers’ abilities, Girt believes force applied to the right place can solve any problem. He has no doubt that the dwarves can put down the demon-worshiping rabble and knock down the eyesore known as the Temple of Elemental Evil.

As arrogant and overconfident as Girt Stonebones is, he is no fool. He knows his dwarves are strong, effective fighters, but he won’t throw their lives away without a plan. In council meetings, he listens and remains silent until it’s his time to speak. When he does, he loudly calls for bold action.

Girt Stonebones always refers to himself in the third person and always by his full name. He comes to a decision without wasting time. He considers any pronouncement he makes to be sound, and any matter related to it, settled.

Girt Stonebones

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