Jeet Jimbleclap

Kron Hills Representative (Female Gnome)


Representing the gnomes of the Kron Hills on the war council, Jeet joined the Righteous Host after she heard her people’s concerns and fears about the growing threat to their homes. Never one to let a sore fester, she decided it was time to do something about it. She answered Thrommel’s call for aid by personally leading a small force of gnomes to join the cause. Like most gnomes, Jeet finds humor in anything— even the battle to come. She’s practical about her people’s contributions and knows that her small force might not be enough to help turn the tide. She also believes her people’s cunning, magical talent, and tenacity will make some difference.

Jeet has little use for titles or honorifics, finding such things foolish and silly. Gnome warriors call her “mother” or “grandmother,” while those on the war council call her “Lady Jeet,” which she finds amusing. Kind but tough, Jeet approaches challenges from a practical standpoint. More than any other member of the war council, she has no time for pointless formality and has no problem interrupting others when they go on too long or suggest something she deems stupid. She understands the customs of her allies, however, so when she feels the need to interrupt, she does so with as much respect as possible.

Elderly even by gnome standards, Jeet shows no physical impairment from her great age, and only her thinning white hair hints that her best years might be behind her. She passes the time between meetings reviewing reports. She’s never far from her white raven companion, Smoke.

Jeet Jimbleclap

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