Human Farmer/Landholder, Dullstrand


Lelan is a wealthy landholder in the port city of Dullstrand in southeastern Oerik. He began his life as a simple farmer, as his father before him, and slowly purchased land in the region over many years.

He is a humble man of great conviction in the good of both human- and demihumankind.

As the Party is waiting for Niinake Nidrome (ie, the famed Archmage Mordenkainen) in Dullstrand’s “No Name” Tavern owned by Falkrunn Gemseeker, Lelan advises them to steer clear of Lars Drumbuckle and to avoid venturing into the tomb of Acererak, located in the Vast Swamp; a venture he asserts will surely lead to their deaths.


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