Moonstone Dragon

Ethereal Dragon


The elusive moonstone dragon, largest of the neutral dragons, rarely appears outside the realms of Faerie or of dreams. Its scales shimmer a pale silver with a hint of blue in the moonlight. It cares little for human affairs.

A moonstone dragon speaks its own language as well as that of sylvan faeries: sprite, pixies, petty faeries, and so on. In dreams it speaks the language of the dreamer.

Humans have encountered moonstone dragons in their dreams. Apparently, these creatures can enter a dreamscape at will. There, they speak the dreamer’s language, and may offer guidance or advice on matters concerning faeries, shadow, lunar matters, healing, and the like.

Moonstone dragons are thought to subsist on moonbeams and faerie nectar. They are not carnivorous, nor do they often kill. Among the legends of moonstone dragons are the following: Their tears are drops of mithral, from which the elves fashion chain mail; when one dies, it vanishes in a shower of moonbeams; when one dies well, its heart turns into a lump of purest adamantite. Further, it is said, if the dragon slays a creature unjustly, it turns into a pillar of sand, and its spirit is utterly destroyed.


Moonstone Dragon

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