Narisan Kerreth

Nyrondian Spokesman


Narisan is 32 years old, 6‘ l”, and 184 Ibs., with light brown wavy hair and brown-flecked hazel eyes. He is an ordinary working man who was elected at a public meeting to speak for common Nyrondese exiles in the Free City. He argues their case for fair wages, fair and habitable accommodation, against nationalistic attacks and assaults, and suchlike.

Narisan has organized the public outrage at the proposal to temporarily place Count Blackmar Huldane in the Directing Oligarchy, a transparent attempt to fatten the coffers of the oligarchs through trade practices bypassing established agreements with the neighboring Nyrond.


His Charisma makes him a good speaker and the City watch and even the Directors listen to him. The three useless, mangled fingers of his right hand, the result of being crushed against a wall by a club used by a Rhennee thug, are an effective symbol of the problems ordinary Nyrondese face at times. He tries hard to stay cool, to calm strong passions, and to temper the need for plain speaking with tact and diplomacy.

Narisan works hard to develop good relationships with representatives of Greyhawk‘s Unions and Guilds, who are often bitter that Nyrondese folk take their members’ jobs and work for very low wages. Narisan is aware that this isn’t in anyone’s interests and he pleads with his own people against this, but starving exiles with families are driven to toil long and hard for little, if that little will keep them alive.

Narisan lives in a small room at the Silver Dragon Inn in the Foreign Quarter, and since he gets only a little work as a laborer himself.

Thus, Narisan’s public-spiritedness helps support the Nyrondese in Greyhawk, but he’s always watching for good folk who might help his beloved country. He looks for any who help Nyrondese assaulted in the Free City, who argue their case with angry Greyhawkers, or who otherwise show concern and might be persuaded to help more directly.

Narisan Kerreth

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