Prince Ferrenan

Vampire Lord & Prince of House Cranden


Ferrenan’s appearance is as a man in his mid-30’s, black-haired and brown-eyed, with very smooth skin and an elegance of features and manners which are exceptional. Ferrenan is a controlled, rakish vampire. He does not need to take blood often, and in the unlikely
event of his receiving guests, he prefers heavy red wine. Ferrenan has a fine, black sense of humor with a self-deprecating streak.


The appearance should not deceive. Ferrenan is indeed a monster steeped in blood, torture, and all manner of cruelties. He regards ordinary humanity as nothing more than cattle for him to feed on as he wishes. He respects the power of skilled mages, but he is contemptuous of priests and paladins and fears no one and nothing.

Duke Szeffrin is a great-great-grand-nephew of Ferrenan (the vampire is in fact some 200 years of age). The vampire prince is a noble of House Cranden and the cousin to Nyrond’s Prince Sewarndt, to whom he has pledged his loyalty. Ferrenan is working to strengthen Sewarndt’s claim as the true heir to Nasran in his attempt to rebuild the former kingdoms of Aerdy.

Prince Ferrenan

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