Prince Thrommel IV

Marshall of Furyondy, Provost of Veluna


Thommel IV is a handsome mail-clad human man with golden hair. He is clad in a white surcoat, quartered by the arms of Furyondy and Veluna and the antlers of the Knights of the Hart, in red. He wears a gold belt at his waist, with a dagger. About his neck is a gold chain with an emblem of a crown and crescent moon; on his left hand is a gold ring with a similar device. His wields a shield and a beautiful sword.

The sword has a hilt of silver and gold wire, most cunningly wrought. Its guard and pommel are set with 9 different gems: Emerald, Jet, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Topaz, Peridot, Aquamarine, Garnet and Spinel. Its scabbard is likewise trimmed with precious metal and decorated with many gems of green and golden hue.


Prince Thrommel, head of the war council and leader of the forces that make up the Righteous Host, represents all that is good and noble in humanity. A true and faithful paladin of his god, Rao, he has pledged to wipe out the Temple of Elemental Evil. Through sheer force of will, Thrommel has pulled together a worthy army and marched south to confront the darkness.

Thrommel believes his Righteous Host can defeat the forces of the temple, but he tempers his convictions with the dire reality of the situation. He knows his army lacks numbers and experience, and he has a difficult time keeping the egos of his commanders in check. He believes that a few victories—no matter how small—will unite the Righteous Host, strengthening the resolve of his troops in time to meet the greater threat. This has led him to seek unconventional methods for weakening the temple’s forces. A few key strikes where the enemy is most vulnerable will bolster morale.

Prince Thrommel IV

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