Scorpion, Night
These midnight-black scorpions have a bright-red stripe on their tails, signaling the crippling poison within.

Blinding Poison. This aptly named arachnid hunter blinds victims with a dose of its crippling poison. It feeds on whole camels when given the chance, but it more commonly devours goats, sheep, and people. It hunts by night, when its blindvision is most effective.

Underdark Giants. The species is common in deep caves and underworld realms. They are eight feet long with a seven-foot tail and daggerlike stinger. They weigh up to 200 pounds.

Scorpion, Stygian Fat-Tailed
The black carapace gleams in the desert sun, and its tail drips translucent venom. Even the largest lion avoids this scorpion.

Highly Venomous. Known for its small size and aggressive behavior, the Stygian fat-tailed scorpion brings a swift death to those who feel its toxic sting.

Pit Traps. A Stygian fat-tailed scorpion is no more than a foot long, with a tail about the same length. It weighs no more


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