Human Cleric of St. Cuthbert (deceased)


Serten perishes at the Battle of Emridy Meadows as the only member of the Citadel of Eight (the original name of the first incarnation of the Circle of Eight) present, fighting valiantly albeit utterly overmatched.

His spirit later appears to Adaka and HAL as they camped in the Bonewood Forest on their way to Barovia. Serten implores them to seek the answer to 3 questions: what drove the elves of the south to head to the Thellywood/Bonewood Forest? What happened at the Battle of Emridy Meadows? What happened to Fleeth?


Circa 569 CY:

The threat posed by the Temple of Elemental Evil has drawn the attention of the Citadel of Eight—an alliance of individuals working together to maintain balance between the most extreme powers of good and evil, law and chaos. The Citadel, under the guidance of the archmage Mordenkainen and his apprentice Bigby, has dispatched agents to watch the conflict. Foremost of these agents is Serten, a powerful cleric of Saint Cuthbert and long-standing member of the Citadel. Serten has only recently arrived, but his magic has already proved instrumental in persuading a spy named Dennek to divulge important secrets about the enemy’s plans.

Serten is out of his depth and should not be representing the Citadel in this conflict. Never an intellectual giant, he stumbles through life, letting his sense of righteousness and courage land him in trouble. Although the rest of the Citadel recognizes his shortcomings, Serten wants above all to prove his worth, and he thinks he can handle any threat from the temple on his own.

Serten is under strict orders from the Citadel to assist Prince Thrommel and not engage the enemy directly, keeping the Citadel informed and awaiting instructions. He stretches the interpretation of these orders and sees himself as one of Prince Thrommel’s key advisors. He also looks for opportunities to prove his worth in battle, putting himself unnecessarily in harm’s way.

Tall, muscled, and handsome, Serten makes an impression. He wears plate armor adorned with Saint Cuthbert’s starburst and carries a stout staff capped with a platinum ferrule at each end.


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