Star-Spawn of Cthulhu



The star-dwelling, octopoid servants and children of Cthulhu are enormous and strange, with clawed hands, powerful but distended brains, and winglike spines on their backs, with which they propel themselves through the frozen emptiness between stars.

These masters of psychic communication and dimensional manipulation can transport themselves and others across enormous distances.

Mastery of Life and Destruction.
They’ve harnessed mysterious energies of life and destruction as well, to grow new life with remarkable speed (and some degree of wastage and cancerous tumors) and to turn living esh into miasmic vapor through nothing more than focused attention.

Rituals to Cthulhu.
Their goals are simple: oppose the mi-go and aid dread Cthulhu. The star-spawn destroy creatures that will not yield and serve as slaves and sacri ces, rather than allowing them to serve another master. Above all, they insist that all creatures venerate great Cthulhu and sacrifice life and treasure in his name. Their ultimate aim is to bend the heavens themselves and ensure that the stars are rightly positioned in their orbits to herald Cthulhu’s inevitable return.


Star-Spawn of Cthulhu

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